2004 Gretsch Nashville 6120DSW

Plain Gs and gold arrows.

These Japanese reissues are uniformly great, and they make a ton of them. This is the 5,360th Gretsch made in the Terada factory in 2004. In August. I got it used, a little fascinated by the way the brass nut made it sing, and happy that it came with the Bigsby bridge intoned for a plain G. And I love Dyna-Sonics, even the Duncan ones used here. And this is my favorite of the many crazy Gretsch control layouts: master volume up front, one for each pickup and a master tone in back, one pickup selector on the top bout. That’s like the Gretsch tele of the 60s. 

I wasn’t quite so keen on the buckeroo appointments, but they’ve grown on me. Even the G. Especially the sticks and cacti.

Thank you kindly, Desert Pete.

And I love this stick best, on the best of the Gretsch plexi pick guards. It even boasts–it always boasts–my favorite knobs.


And I’ve always especially loved Gretsches with raw aluminum Bigsbys and gold hardware, which I pretty nearly hate almost everywhere else. Gretsch always knew how to ride excess on to wisdom.

Giant, bound f-holes, giant G brand, big 3″ body.

Strung with elgtsco 11-49 trem long twists. Gloriously. G is for Gabriel.

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