2010 Fender Road Worn ’72 Telecaster Deluxe

These 2010 Mexican road worn ’72 Deluxes, which there weren’t a lot of, had thin nitro finishes and very worn, silky necks that were a pain to set up, possibly because they needed some time to soak up moisture through all that bare wood in a properly humidified environment, but they settle down, and they’re worth it.

Stars and Songs For Slim.

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2004 Gretsch Nashville 6120DSW

Plain Gs and gold arrows.

These Japanese reissues are uniformly great, and they make a ton of them. This is the 5,360th Gretsch made in the Terada factory in 2004. In August. I got it used, a little fascinated by the way the brass nut made it sing, and happy that it came with the Bigsby bridge intoned for a plain G. And I love Dyna-Sonics, even the Duncan ones used here. And this is my favorite of the many crazy Gretsch control layouts: master volume up front, one for each pickup and a master tone in back, one pickup selector on the top bout. That’s like the Gretsch tele of the 60s.  Continue reading “2004 Gretsch Nashville 6120DSW”